Luminus Diagnostics to Announce Addition to ensureHEALTH™ Program at SIIA National Educational Conference and Expo 2019


TIFTON, GA., August 26, 2019 – Luminus Diagnostics, a world-class clinical laboratory and integration company, will be attending the Self-Insured Institute of America (SIIA) National Educational Conference and Expo in San Francisco, California, to announce the latest healthcare cost savings initiative to their current healthcare savings program, ensureHEALTH™. The meeting will take place at the end of September 2019, and will showcase the many Luminus Dx offerings for self-insured companies looking to find unique ways to take control of healthcare spending.

At Luminus Diagnostics, our goal is to help create an environment where population health is possible in a timely, affordable manner. Our mission is to consistently push the industry towards positive change and progress, and with our ensureHEALTH™ Program, we believe we are doing just that for your personalized healthcare.

“The use of advanced diagnostics, technology, and professional oversight gives healthcare professionals the tools to tailor treatment regiments for the individual based upon the metabolic makeup of that patient. This individualized approach and tailored treatment regimen deviates from the ‘trial and error’ method of treatment, which can extend inappropriate therapy and potentially cause adverse events. By having the information and tools, healthcare professionals can streamline an individual’s care leading to potentially significant savings for employers.”, said Kyle Koeppler, Chief Operations Officer at Luminus Diagnostics, who will be attending the conference along with Project Manager, Pamela Wise. Employers are looking for creative solutions to address the constant increase in healthcare costs yet keep their employees happy and healthy. ensureHEALTH™ combines both personalized population health with a much-needed state of the art technology which brings the power of people working together to achieve optimal corporate wellness and personal health.

The idea of assessing population health in the workplace, understanding where unnecessary costs lie, or where increase costs could happen if not addressed early, helps fill some of the gaps within the corporate healthcare spend that physicians or hospitals alone cannot. By ensuring preventative care steps are in place as well as empowering employees to understand medication appropriateness, population health programs like this brings corporate wellness to a new, creative level of health and cost reduction. ensureHEALTHT™ plays a critical role in empowering employees to take control of their health and benefits resources, while instilling employers with a more modern way to manage corporate healthcare spend for their people and their business.

About Luminus Diagnostics: We are a full-service, specialty laboratory and integrated technology platform designed to illuminate patient insight, streamline ordering and optimize practice performance. Our many services leverage proven technologies and provide a noninvasive and cost-effective solution for better health and mental well-being. Simplify prescriptions and adversities for better therapy and health to reduce redundancies, save time and money.

About SIIA: The Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc. (SIIA) is a member-based association dedicated to protecting and promoting the business interests of companies involved in the self-insurance and captive insurance industry. Members include, self-insurance entities, TPAs, Captive Managers, Excess/Stop-Loss Carriers and other industry service providers.