Luminus’ Expanded Molecular Testing To Include Antibiotic Resistance Markers


ATLANTA, GA., March 5, 2019 – Luminus Diagnostics, a full-service specialty lab based in Tifton, Georgia, has expanded its menu on the revolutionary method of molecular testing, PathDNA™, to include antibiotic resistant testing in multiple fields.

Luminus Diagnostics molecular testing capabilities have now expanded to include all of the following: Women’s Health, Respiratory Panels (RPP), Respiratory Panels+ (RPP+), Urinary Tract Infection+ Antibiotic Resistance (UTI/ABR), Wound Infection+ Antibiotic Resistance (WND/ABR), Gastrointestinal, and Nail offerings.

“Our newly redesigned report formats for our PathDNA™ testing modalities delivers a world-class layout with actionable and easy-to-understand results.” – Luminus Diagnostics

The state-of-the-art laboratory delivers timely, accurate information to help determine the right treatment options for your patients. Additionally, comprehensive HL7-compliant test reports are generated using the Coriell Life Sciences award-winning genomic data reporting system.

Luminus Diagnostics is a full-service, specialty laboratory and integrated technology platform designed to illuminate patient insight, streamline ordering and optimize practice performance. Providing advanced technology integration to streamline practice diagnostic ordering with timely, accurate testing and exceptional customer service.

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