Luminus Diagnostics to offer expanding service lines to Physicians


TIFTON, GA., April 4, 2017 – Luminus Diagnostics announced additions to current laboratory services and solutions as the company continues to expand on a growing list of assays. Since the earliest days of operating as a boutique laboratory in 2012, Luminus began noticing physicians needs were shifting, and quickly began evolving into a full service diagnostics laboratory focusing on high-complexity molecular testing and technology.

The company currently performs routine Clinical Testing, Blood Allergy testing and Toxicology (oral and urine) and will now offer Inherited Cancer testing, Pharmacogenetics (PGx) and Women’s Health testing (Women’s Health testing is a molecular diagnostic test for infections and offers increased accuracy and more rapid resulting). Luminus also announced plans to expand testing to include infectious disease at their Georgia facility.

With the recent news, the company is excited and optimistic about how their new technology platform and updated test offering will give physicians the ability to treat their patients more effectively.  Luminus believes that partnering tests like PGx with improving reporting platforms and technologies has the potential to improve patient outcomes exponentially, however this will likely depend on how quickly the industry accepts these new and improved testing and reporting methodologies.

Kyle Koeppler, Chief Operating Officer is optimistic that technological improvements and expanding access to important laboratory tests will have a positive lasting impact on the healthcare industry.

“As an organization, we have an obligation to continue improving our testing capabilities and always ensure that our clients, and especially those in their care, have access to reliable, affordable and advancing testing technologies.  We want to be a part of positive improvements to the healthcare industry, and we believe the work we are doing at Luminus is doing just that.”

The company is candid about their commitment ‘to excellence in the field of diagnostic testing, leveraging certified, state-of-the-art practices and the most advanced technology and solutions.’  As they continue to make improvements to their operations and testing capabilities, the company continues to deliver on their promise to clients.

Luminus Diagnostics is a full-service, specialty laboratory and integrated technology platform designed to illuminate patient insight, streamline ordering and optimize practice performance. Providing advanced technology integration to streamline practice diagnostic ordering with timely, accurate testing and exceptional customer service.


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