Luminus Diagnostics unveils their new Molecular Program at ASIPP


ORLANDO, FL., March 15, 2018 – Luminus Diagnostics, a full-service specialty lab based in Tifton, Georgia, was in attendance at the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP) Annual Meeting to unveil their newest Molecular Program.  The southern-based company, founded in 2012 as a boutique laboratory, was eager to share with ASIPP attendees how their unique molecular platform is making a positive impact and a real difference in the lives of physicians and patients across America.

The new technology has the ability to transition traditional medical reporting to an interactive, dynamic portal, which provides for an increase in the level of care that can be delivered at the patient level, rapidly and with ease.  The program can then take information regarding a patient’s unique metabolic make-up, along with potential drug-to-drug interactions, Anticholinergic Burden, Beers criteria, Contra-indication, as well as personal lifestyle factors that might impact their medication regimen.

The portal then shares with physicians and patients the polymorphisms of the patient, allowing the physician to make potential medication adjustments that reduce risk factors across all aforementioned areas.  It can help guide the provider to create a more effective medication regimen while reviewing the cost-per-dose for alternative medications in real time.

While awareness and acceptance of Pharmacogenetics Testing (PGx) is still improving among the medical community, the testing and reporting methods have remained little changed. Luminus Diagnostics has plans to change the future of traditional reporting, and this program is the first major step towards that goal.

Luminus Diagnostics is a full-service, specialty laboratory and integrated technology platform designed to illuminate patient insight, streamline ordering and optimize practice performance. Providing advanced technology integration to streamline practice diagnostic ordering with timely, accurate testing and exceptional customer service.


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